Friday, August 19, 2005

CE Mark

Here's a couple of bikinis from Navy YC's Bikini Regatta... More tomorrow - heck, while I'm thinking about it, send in bikinis on boat pics! We'll post 'em. gulfsails at hotmail dot com

Did anyone notice the good looking little blond that buzzed through NOYC's bar last night... well we did and after inquiring, discovered that she was there filling out an application for bartender. Anyone interested in helping her get the job send a recommendation email to katie at noyc dot info and put "Amy - GulfSails Rec" in the subject line.

The Big Mouth regatta and the Around The Lake Race are this Saturday!

Here's a link regarding an IRC Seminar to be held at Southern Yacht Club on September 13th.

Word on the street is that at CSA's recent board meeting, the proposed burgee design change was voted down. Here's what the new one was to look like...

Don't forget Happy Hour is from 5-7 today at Long Beach Yacht Club, and on Sunday - Dave the Sax Man will be shouting out soulfull tunes from 5-8pm. ONE hour longer than happy hour. Don't miss it!

And since it's Friday we're going to let everyone know what they're going to be having for dinner over at PCYC... you ready for this... Broiled Lobster Tail w/ Drawn Butter!

Over at Dallas Corinthians it's celebrate all August birthdays day! Woohoo! They're going to be eating something called Mesclum Salad Mix?? and chicken. I think PCYC wins that one.

We hear that at an upcoming fundraiser at NOYC, the shirt Bad Dog had ripped off of him at the bar a couple of months back is going to be auctioned off.

It's BINGO NIGHT at Tammany Yacht Club!

It's ON! Mar Key and Crazy Horse will be duking it out head to head on Vermillion Bay this Saturday the 20th. (See, we don't miss a thing. We'll let you know who won on Monday's post.) is a huge website, but sometimes navigating the folds and depths of the site for past information can be a bit like... uh, well let's just say difficult, so we've tried to make it easier. We've compiled all the links to every interview on the site below. So if you're interested in visiting the past - well here you go.

Baker, Tom - 2001 Mallory Cup Champion
Bancroft, Ryan - Wednesday Night's
Brennan, Donnie - The Merchant of MOJO
Brunken, Rudy - Ex-NOYC 2001 Commodore
Dane, John III - 2002 GLR Winner
Dog, Bad - Finn Sailor and pot stirrer
Faget, Benz - 2002 J/22 Midwinters Champion
Fanberg, Zachary -
Finn, Ryan - Singlehand Transpac Sailor
Flynn, Terry - 2003 J/22 Midwinters Champion
Hampton, Jeff - Offshore Challenge Cup Captain
Klyce, Steve - Ex-NOYC 2002 Commodore
Lovell, Andy - Gulf Coast Olympic Trials Organizer
• Lovell, Johnny - Olympic Silver Medalist (even we couldn't find this one.)
Maher, Bob - J/130 Java Retires
Murray, Stephen Jr. - 2002 KWRW
Rubin, Dave - 2002 KWRW
Steiffel, Bishop - Secrets of Bay-Waveland Yacht Club
Tempesta, Scott - Sailing Anarchy Founder

Hope everyone has a great weekend... oh yeah, and don't forget to attend NOYC's biggest blowout of the year...
THE ISLAND PARTY! see you there.

Oh yeah, no weekend posts unless warranted. Send in your links, pics, NOR's, smack whatever... gulfsails at hotmail dot com


Blogger Bad Dog's Bitch said...

Hey TAG, if that is innuendo, I'd hate to see you do blatant!

10:29 AM, August 19, 2005  

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