Friday, November 10, 2006

Still Kicking

Because of a few emails and comments asking whether or not I was dead by hunger strike while protesting our lack of Cat 5 or even Cat 3 levee protection in New Orleans, I've decided to go ahead and post explaining the closing of the blog...

I understand I ended the blog pretty abruptly - in fact, I actually had no intention of doing so. But after the anniversary, I decided to take a short break, but then one week turned to two and so on.

I certainly have not stopped writing about the event though. My book, Chefs in Exile, is still progressing and I have magazine articles published fairly regularly - my latest will be in Irish American Heritage Magazine and Sailing World.

I am actively fundraising for the New Basin Lighthouse and am working PR for Ryan Finn Ocean Racing. Also, interestingly my experiences during Katrina and the aftermath are currently being studied by school children in over 17 countries through the One World Youth Project, which is a serious honor. My blog also actually made it into Wikipedia -- which is pretty cool.

I'm heavily ensconced in the Road Home Plan with the Louisiana Recovery Authority and I thought about restarting the blog with that whole process... but trust me it ain't exactly action packed... lots of waiting and patience.

My Lakeview neighborhood is slowly on the road back. One of the more surreal developments is the amount of homes that are falling under the axe. I can now sit on the front porch and see a few blocks away... quite odd.

My FEMA trailer is fine, though the toilet is broken... however fear not - the one in the house still works.

Cheers and thanks everyone.
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