Saturday, September 03, 2005

HRC: Sauve Rd. & Intersecting Roads

First... PMCC is ok.

Bamboo - ok
Douglas - 229 - light roof damage
George (if it's the street w/ only 2 houses, sign gone) - ok
Diane - 332 - light roof damage
Sauve Oaks - ok
Paula - ok
Grass Ct. - ok
Sauve - 151, 311, 339 - light roof damage
Debra - ok
Idlewood - ok
Hyde/Idlewood?? confusing here - 10140, 10136, 10124, 10104, 10108, 10022 - light roof damage
River Ridge Dr. - ok
Martha - ok
Serclair (sp) ok
Hawthorne - 9901 - light roof damage
Joel - 9920 - light roof damage
Hester - ok
Stephen - ok
Miradon - 620 - light roof damage
Mary - ok
St. Paul - 10044, 10032, 10027 - light roof damage
Wendy - ok
Sheldon - ok
Elsie - ok
John Paul Ct. - ok
Walden - 10016 - light roof damage.

Again let me reitterate, if your address does not appear above it does not, by any stretch, mean your house and yard are the way you left it.

I did pick up some info today on possible looting near the Triangle West Bar - specifically the Spur.

Tomorrow I will probably venture into the Little Farms area. I haven't seen that old football field and tennis courts in 15 years or so.

I learned the answer to my own question regarding the cell & landline tie in - about how when one would come on and then about an hour later Bellsouth would come on. Well, I spoke w/ a BellSouth guy who lives off of Orchard. He said, that all cell towers actually shoot straight into the BellSouth system. River Ridge's main exchange is near Shrewsbury. They had water damage and the generators were malfunctioning... hence the tie in. He stated that everything is looking good for landlines, except where your specific lines have been yanked from your home.

I'll be posting again shortly.

Thanks again everybody.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for keeping us all posted!

9:36 PM, September 03, 2005  
Anonymous ruby said...

New reader - I'm already glued to your blog. Be safe.

12:11 AM, September 04, 2005  

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