Monday, September 05, 2005

Madonna Send Us Some Kabbalah Water!

Anyway... landlines back up, cell not. I am running out of gasoline. My cousin's expedition ended up being impossible yesterday. THANKS for trying S. I know that I will see you in a few days.

Trust me though, I will NOT go off the air. I am a survivor and will scrounge. I have had numerous messages from neighbors saying siphon from their extra cars and such. Thanks to all of y'all.

Yesterday I drove and sat in a moderate line for MRE's, ice and water. That was my first ice cube since Monday. Pretty sweet and the dog enjoyed them too. MRE's taste like chicken...

I was fascinated by the mini Tabasco bottle in the MRE that I ate (Country Captain Chicken, it was actually a curried chicken with mashed potatos and some red hots), odd that that little touch of Louisiana started at Avery Island, LA, went all the way to Brooklyn to be packaged, and then was eaten by me down here - not but 100 miles away.

The people returning home into this area are very light and mostly to take out family heirlooms, pictures, etc.

On my rounds yesterday, I saw the first real signs of Parish officials, including a JP cop. I also met (and gave out cold water to, all they had was hot water) two guys checking on the status of power lines in the area - they were from Orlando, FL... THANK YOU! And a Kentucky State Trooper patrolling the area around Little Farms... THANK YOU!

Speaking of Little Farms, the playground is 100% fine, St. Matthews Church and School are 100% fine. John Curtis School is 100% fine. (Superficially of course.)

I am rushing this post, forgetting tons of things, in order to get it out. After this I will regroup my head and post again.

Thanks again too everyone. Also, noticed that Blogger people have deleted a few comments that must have been outrageos or whatever, thanks. I would also love it if y'all could remove the spam comments, they're disgusting. You definately have my permission, unless they are regarding Katrina blogs or Gulf Coast stuff. Thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:01 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous allison said...

Could you tell me where the last photo, U-Loot We Shoot, was taken? Thanks!

12:26 PM, September 05, 2005  
Blogger TAG said...

The last picture was on Celeste Ave. in the Little Farms area. Railroad tracks side.

Hope that helps.

12:31 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging your information. Its great to read. I'm in New York but am from Texas and lived in New Orleans for three years. My husband was at Group New Orleans (USCG). We lived on Esplanade right across from the Mall. How's that area doing? You're in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe, keep your sense of humor, and get started on the beignets for the next group! ;)

1:17 PM, September 05, 2005  
Blogger Tracey Rose said...

To reduce spam comments: in Blogger, go to Settings, Comments. Select "Yes" for "Show word verification for comments?". You're doing an excellent job with this blog and glad to hear that you have food and water. --your fellow River Ridge blogger reporting from Atlanta, GA at

BTW, I sail too; but didn't start sailing until I moved to Atlanta... go figure. Hope you get back sailing soon.

2:40 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am planning to travel to

There continues to be a constant flow of heavy machinery and helicoptors along the I-10 heading towards New Orleans. Planning to be in River Ridge tomorrow. I can't wait to try one of those MRE gourmet meals...
Did you get mom's message about the starving goldfish at 318 Midway. Please give them several crackers and get the gas in the back shed.
Love Dad

4:47 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shortly after ordering a mandatory evacuation of Jefferson Parish for tropical storm Cindy, which fizzled a couple of month's ago, President Aaron Broussard, our #1 public servant was honored with the new title as Supreme Premature Evacuator.
He is now ruling his domain from idelic digs (running water and A.C.) in Baton Rouge... where he fled to immediately after Katrina...

5:50 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous Shell said...

*woot woot* Orlando to the rescue. :)

Your blog is addicting. and very informative. Thanks!

10:53 AM, September 09, 2005  

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