Monday, October 31, 2005

Minimum Wage In New Orleans... No More

I had to rush and post this... In New Orleans, Burger King is now offering a $6,000 bonus to any new employee who signs up and works for the restaurant chain for at least a year.

This on-top of the general $10 an hour pay scale for NEW employees at most fast food locations is a good example of what has happened to the population of this city.

We have no population.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

$10 an hour for working at Burger King? Are you kidding me? This is not real. No fast food place pays this.

8:30 AM, November 01, 2005  
Blogger TAG said...

Completely true.

They will never be able to argue against minimum wage hikes again.

And actually, I think they get paid something like that an hour in San Francisco.

1:48 PM, November 01, 2005  

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