Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Santa Fe

Strangely depressing... I'm hanging out with my good friend Steve who's an attorney from New Orleans who is probably relocating to Santa Fe... I thought that it would be great to hang out with another New Orleanian, but it's actually not... nothing but sad tales and things to cry about...

It's amazing how the simplest things... such as talking with somebody from Santa Fe about a movie theater that's going to be opening up here can bring you down... you start thinking about say the Prytania Movie Theater on Prytania St. and then you realize that it may never open again... you start thinking when the heck will any movie theater ever open...

and you can't express this to anyone... if I can't comprehend it - and I'm living it... how the heck will they comprehend it?

I get introduced by a friend from Santa Fe that I'm staying with as a New Orleans refugee... most people say nothing... they appear to be at a loss... I get it. What can you say?

I have a great photograph of Brad's red adobe home in a neighborhood of red adobe's... there are two cars parked in front... both with Louisiana plates...

I am headed up to Moab on Thursday and have stocked up on a few books... I'm reading voraciously...

Sorry about the stoccato post... I only have 15 minutes on the Santa Fe public library computer...

My buddy Steve, may have a job lined up as an attorney for the state of New Mexico dealing with water rights... sad... sad... good for him... but my entire social circle back in New Orleans is destroyed... scattered everywhere...

Time's up -- audio post this evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Prytania Theater is open!!!


7:53 PM, October 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Alice and I will be back as soon we can. At least you'll have a social semi-circle.


11:28 PM, October 11, 2005  

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