Friday, October 07, 2005


This is why we should support our public libraries... free internet.

I have no idea what I've been posting at night after the bars close here in Marfa at midnight, so excuse me if I regurgitate some information.

My ideas about west Texas have changed completely. Incredibly friendly people and damn if this part of the country ain't beautiful... sorry Mexico, but I'm glad we stole this from you.

Unfortunately though the rain has followed me... tropical rain from some hurricane that hit Baja. I went out yesterday afternoon to the area where you can, if you're lucky, see the Marfa lights... middle of the day, pouring down rain... no luck, but I brought my heavy weather gear so I sat on the edge of the Chihuahuan desert... just sat in the rain.

My stay at the Thunderbird Hotel is over and now I'm moving into a winnebago behind a bar. I'm going to set up my Jazz Fest chair outside in the dirt and re-read Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian while drinking whiskey.

I think I'm going to stay until Monday.

My old friend Chris Stewart who left New Orleans back in the late 80's for the west is going to be rock climbing out in Moab, Utah next week, so I think I'm going to join him. I've climbed before in Colorado and Oregon but I was laughing with him, I told him that I haven't been above sea level in almost 15 years... I may have to be the guy who hangs out at base camp.

It's strange... I feel like I've been here for months already... I easily forget about what I've left behind... then I get on this computer and check out the blog and scroll down looking at the pictures... it comes right back at you hard, but almost like it was somebody else who was there, someone else's experiences... Distance.

Sorry that I can't post any pictures at this point and it sucks that I haven't gotten clever enough to figure out how to audio post when I'm hanging out and drinking with Mexicans. I'm working on it.

Last night I met a guy who was from outside of Jackson, Mississippi, but who moved out here to Marfa 30 years ago... two weeks ago he was down in Biloxi... to bury his brother, who drowned in Katrina. I bought him a Lone Star beer and we played a game of pool... a good ole Louisiana boy against a good ole Mississippi boy... I lost... and trust me, I don't suck at pool.

The library closes for the weekend and now that I'm out of the hotel, the only way I will be posting - I think - will be from Marfian cell phones.



Blogger Patrick Armstrong said...

You know, this stuff is really starting to qualify as "American Epic."

I think about Huck Finn, the Outlaw Josey Wales, Thelma & Louise and Easy Rider. Not the same subject matter, to be sure, but if I hadn't started following this blog during the hurricane I'd think it was a great novel about the American spirit, destined to become curriculum someday.

Years into the future, my kids would be reading this in an accelerated American Literature class. That is, if it all wasn't true. As is, they may be reading it, years from now, in an Accelerated American/Southern History class.

Even if they don't, I'll tell 'em about it anyway.

1:58 PM, October 07, 2005  
Blogger Antonio Gramsci said...

Don't leave us. Please don't leave us. This stupid, insane city needs you.

9:58 PM, October 07, 2005  
Blogger cookie jill said...

Libraries....our country's hidden jewel!

Being above sea level has some, well, challenges for those who haven't been above it in quite some time.

You might get 1/2 way up...just beware of the light headedness. can get some serious light headedness with too much beer, too!

11:38 AM, October 10, 2005  

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