Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Excerpts... Our Mood Ring Getting Black

The following are several quotes that I find very telling about the anger level that's rising in New Orleans...

• "There is a perception the rest of the country is uninterested," said New Orleans psychiatrist Candace Cutrone. "People are angry, disillusioned, indignant, insulted." from a Washington Post Article.

• "Can America, having witnessed the loss of well over 1,000 lives to Katrina, not rouse itself? Despite its problems, New Orleans remains one of our greatest cities, beloved of this country and the world. We are at the fulcrum of one-third of the nation's oil and gas and 40 percent of its seafood. We gave birth to much of this country's indigenous culture, and we continue to nourish it. What does it say about our civilization if this unique American metropolis is left to die?" Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post.

• "In the past 100 years America has gone to war to protect England, France, China, Korea, Australia, Canada, Poland, Norway, Vietnam and Iraq. If we are willing to spend hundreds of billions, even trillions, to protect and rebuild all these other peoples and territories, why won't we make a smaller commitment to protect our own people and territory?" Letter to the Editor of the Times-Picayune by Charlie and Gretchen Bosworth - 11/27/2005.

• The following is a an Op-Ed that was in today's Times-Picayune written by Angelica Kierdrowski that has some disturbing comments made to her while exiled in the Northeast.

And finally... another great letter to the Editor of the Times-Picayune taken from today:

We are not the first New Orleanians to have our unique treasured way of life threatened.

What could be more of a menace than the English of 1815? Or the Yellow Fever outbreaks of 1853? Or Farragut and Butler in 1862? As New Orleanians, for better or worse, we have inherited a long line of survivorship.

Therefore, I am a great proponent of rebuilding in every way and doing so with all the gusto and grit of the good New Orleanians of long ago. It will take nothing less than a similar spirit in the months and years ahead to save our city.

Such is the spirit of America. Such is the spirit of New Orleans.

Our city and our country - and all our future generations of New Orleanians as well - deserve nothing less from us. And if the city of New Orleans should last for a thousand years longer than expected, many will look back to our time and say that we New Orleanians were among the finest ever! - Vincent B. Liberto


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Blogger cookie jill said...

I saw on NBC news this evening Paul Prudhomme out enjoying some music in the streets of the Quarter. Nice to see him down there.

Is he reopening KPauls?

Any Emeril sightings?

2:18 AM, December 02, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On your blog post from Tuesday, November 29, 2005,

The following is a an Op-Ed that was in today's Times-Picayune written by Angelica Kierdrowski that has some disturbing comments made to her while exiled in the Northeast.

Angelica Kierdrowski is Anne Rice. See her website.

3:48 AM, December 12, 2005  

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