Saturday, November 26, 2005

Starbucks Responds

The following is the response I received to an email I sent to Starbucks regarding why not a single Starbucks location has re-opened in New Orleans...

Starbucks will reopen stores only if we are certain that we can provide our customers with the complete Starbucks Experience that they deserve and have come to expect from us. This entails that we take every measure to ensure the safety and security of those in our locations, appropriately staff the stores to serve our customers, and make certain that we have all the necessary supplies required to provide our customers with the customized handcrafted beverages and fresh pastries that they expect from Starbucks. Again, thank you for contacting Starbucks Coffee Company.



Starbucks Customer Relations

Right Starbucks... we know that you were getting your ass handed to you on a platter down here. New Orleanians just don't like your coffee and your failing marketshare was proof pre-K.

But to try and use Katrina as your justification for pulling out of this city is plain old wrong. Your company missed a huge opportunity to generate goodwill with the people of this city - every business that has opened is showered with money and profits down here. The restaurants, coffeeshops and businesses to first open in the city are now fondly entrenched in our hearts and will always be supported by New Orleanians.

So many businesspeople understood that - unfortunately many did not, and they still don't get it.


Blogger cookie jill said...

What the Hell is the Starbuck "Experience"?

It's just a freaking coffee joint. I don't think they'd like to get a letter from me about my last "experience" with a Bucko Barista apparently on Barbituates

2:59 PM, November 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, the starbucks in Elmwood opened on Friday (and no, I don't work there, I just happened to see it while driving by)

3:44 PM, November 27, 2005  
Blogger Shee said...

Last time I checked, Elmwood was in Jefferson Parish...

1:30 PM, November 28, 2005  
Anonymous Tidewater said...

While the powers that be are working on the Complete Starbucks Experience for post-k New Orleans, I am enjoying a pretty good cup of coffee while looking across Magazine St. at a boarded up Starbucks.

Granted, Lunas does not offer a complete experience, (that I am aware of) but their prices are reasonable and the folks coming and going are friendly and interesting.

2:13 PM, November 28, 2005  
Anonymous Andrew Klein said...

If you don't know what the "Starbucks Experience" is you must have been living in a cave for the past 15 years. Starbucks is the defination of customer service. Starbucks is the "Cheers tavern" of today. You cannot deny that I can go into any Starbucks and I will be greeted by a friendly barista who knows exactly how to make my fav. drink and then I will be able to enjoy a confortable and stylish decor. Starbucks is not pulling out of New Orleans, if Starbucks can be insainly successful in Paris, they will continue to be successful in New Orleans.

9:24 PM, November 28, 2005  
Anonymous Frolic said...

When did Starbucks ever have fresh pastries?

11:44 AM, November 29, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you like coffee and Starbucks, save for the price? Or maybe you don't, save for its prime, people-watching locations that it seems to have an oligopoly on... Well, in any case, here's something that Starbucks likely still makes money off of, and that you and everybody who's anybody ;) probably has thought about:

Introducing The Low-Income-Recipient Forced Discount Latte:

Step 1: Begin by ordering, in a normal, decisive, casual, no-nonsense, business-like matter-of-fact sort of way, a short or long expresso over ice in an expensive-looking (stainless steel, emblazoned with the Starbucks logo is ideal, and might score a few subconscious brownie points with the corporate kiddies) large, opaque personal mug with a lid. (Make sure you get your $.10 discount for bringing in your own mug, by casually slipping in 'personal' in your order since they forget alot, or by off-handedly saying (such as if they still forget) something like; "Hm- it was 10 cents less the other day... [was that due to my personal cup discount?]") They should say something like "Oh yeah, that's right."
Step 2: Then, approach sugar/dairy stand and fill 'er up with milk or cream- hell even both- sugar, cocoa, nutmeg, etc... to make an iced latte for about a 50% or more savings off a regularly-priced iced latte. Jam the cocoa in to make it a Beggar's Mocha.
While doing this, keep a lazy eye on the baristas. If one approaches, casually slip the lid back on, or, if too late, and you are confronted about it, remain relaxed, (while smoothly and naturally, if somewhat quickly, placing lid on so they cannot corroborate anything) politely reassure them that there is not really that much milk in there ('All That Ice' makes it look like there is) and/or comment that you would normally add milk to a regular coffee anyway. Or,if it's your style or mood that day, simply look ignorant, subtley surprised, agree with them, etc., and maybe casually leave if you want, and even go across the street to the next Starbucks.
Rotate yourself over each day, if so inclined, among the Various 'Bux in town so as to be fairly inconspicuous.
If they subtly pump you for your name, give them a false one, and a different one for each 'Bux you go to.

Better still, smuggle, in your 'Bux mug, a better drink you made at home or bought at the Mom & Pop coffee shop down the street. (Forget booze, the vapours can be detected, unless in very limited amount.) Occupy their prime-location real estate. Consider buying their cheapest thing on the menu if you are concerned about getting noticed, an evil-eye, like a chocolate square for 40 or 50 cents. In any case, you bought that coffee from the other Starbux right across the street.

4:52 AM, December 04, 2005  

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