Monday, December 12, 2005

Falling Down... Still Falling Down

President George Bush was quoted today saying, "...the federal government and other levels of the government fell down on the job." by NBC's Brian Williams when asked about the government's preparedness and response to Hurricane Katrina.

Unfortunately, they're still falling down. They are still failing New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The White House also recently stated that they would not federally bail out the New Orleans electric company, Entergy, with a mere 350 million dollars even though they bailed out ConEdison after 9/11 to the tune of 250 million dollars AND they understand that Entergy New Orleans has filed for bankruptcy and will have to raise everyone's electric rates by a whopping 140%.

How does Bush expect New Orleans to stand back on her own two feet economically when it becomes financially imprudent to locate or re-locate a business into this city?

Yet again, this is another example of how New Orleans is being slowly put to death - not by Katrina, but by the government of the United States.


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