Friday, December 16, 2005

Now That's a Tell

Nearly everyone affected by Katrina and Rita, from Beaumont to Mobile, has an insurance nightmare story whether it's their own or someone they know, but trust me - if even the former majority leader of the United States Senate, Trent Lott, must sue his insurance company - then these companies are definately screwing people over left and right.

The major issue is flood versus wind driven damage and the insurance companies as a whole are stating that the water damage had nothing to do with the wind, therefore they don't have to cover anything.

There is an argument for this in New Orleans, but once you leave the domain of the levee breaks, in no way can you define a 25 foot wave of water that stayed put for around an hour as having nothing to do with wind.

Lucky for Trent though, his brother-in-law is Dickie Scruggs... you remember him... he's the guy who sued big tobacco and won... actually, that's pretty lucky for everyone on the Gulf Coast.

Can anyone say class action?


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