Thursday, September 22, 2005

Donate To The Feet On The Ground

I know that everybody has been asking for direct links to who I feel are worthy groups in New Orleans and South Louisiana who have either worked their collective rears off during the storm and the aftermath or will be integral in helping to rebuild this great city. Well here you go...

Preservation Resource Center: This non-profit has played a great part in preserving New Orleans' architectural history and integrity and will now need more support than ever. They are also VERY active in restoring vacant homes and then selling them at below market rates to first-time homeowners. I have always loved this group for the work they have done.

The Iberia and St. Mary Parish Humane Societies: These are the people, like Kelsey Rivera, who have been on the ground rescuing pets left and right. I went out with them for a few days and it damn near killed me.

Renew New Orleans: This is a group of New Orleanians who, with some assistance from Lance Armstrong's Livestrong group, will be providing assistance across the board for New Orleans, but with a tilt towards young and struggling artists and musicians. If you donate to this group you will receive a Renew New Orleans wristband, ala Livestrong, but in the Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.

New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA): This is a school specifically dedicated to the arts in New Orleans. It is a pre-professional arts training center providing intensive instruction in dance, media arts, music (classical, jazz, vocal), theatre arts (drama, musical theatre, theatre design) , visual arts, and creative writing, to students from public, private, and parochial schools across Louisiana. Some of the biggest names in the Arts community of New Orleans got their start here, including the Marsalis family.

New Orleans City Park: Our greatest park, an old plantation in the heart of the city near Lakeview and larger than New York's Central park, was DEVASTATED. Our park receives NO dedicated city or state funding and only exists on donations from citizens and corporations.

• My Desparately Needed Vacation Fund: Joking about that.

These are all groups who I wholeheartedly support and who I know will be vital in resurrecting the city, the people and the culture of New Orleans. Thanks to everyone for their generosity and support!


Blogger Chuck said...

Hey, TAG... Renew New Orleans is set up in Dallas. And it is working... responses from more than 20 states with bracelets in the mail to all.

9:44 PM, September 22, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since I was on the road for 22hrs heading back from Baton Rouge to Tucson, AZ I have had to catch up on your site. In regards to your blog "Catstrophe Lesson and Observations" you said that bureaucrats proved to be idiots once again. Well in my Historiography class we have been discussing the 19th Century Liberalism---who is to blame for bureaucracy---and its impact on our culture. We have read Marx, Engels, Geertz, Nietzsche, Levi-Strauss, and more. I have to admit that it all feels like BULLSHIT!!!! I keep wondering what's the point? Maybe I should be down there with you helpinjg you and getting the word out. These damn assholes out west seem to think that rebuilding New Orleans is a waste of resources. When I try to explain the greatness that is the Big Easy they simply don't understand. When i tell them we should say goodbye to L.A, San Diego, and San Francisco when the next quake hits they shut up. They never capitulate, however. it seems as though, since we no longer live in a postmodern world, we need to reexamine ourselves socially, economically, familially, and governmentally. We, as a united community, must ask the big question: What do we want? What values do we hold dear? And when we figure that out we must look to the past and face the future with courage and united on one common goal. The Roman poet Virgil said it best: "Fortune favors the bold!" I think you and your neighbors are very bold and will be the next leaders of New Orleans. My only apology to you is that I could not stay longer and help out. Our mothers told me that the best way to honor you and the family was to continue and succeed in my studies and come back to apply all that I learned equipped with the boldness and the knowledge of the ancients. Good luck and godspeed. I love you and pray for your safety every day. It was really great to talk to you if only for a few minutes on Sunday.

PJ "Caesar" Oubre

9:51 PM, September 22, 2005  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

Thanks so much for providing these links on local organizations to donate to. I've been holding out my dollars because I wanted to get them more directly to where they'll be needed and toward the long term. Great to get a local's perspective on this.

Keep yourself safe as Rita passes through and keep up the great reports. As a New Orleans lover way up north (Chicago) your website has been a great direct link to the city during this time, free of the media hype.

Good luck and great job,

9:54 AM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger Antonio Gramsci said...

Hi everybody--
I'd like to ask you to check out the non-profit agency I work for.

We're small but fierce and will fight tooth and nail to save the city from the land grabbers and speculators. We spent over a year helping the Gulfport and Biloxi people get access to funds to help the poor in their communities.

We specialize in building strong grass roots coalitions and helping people give voice to their concerns and get access to the policy makers who think they can run our lives.

Check us out and see if you like us. We live in NOLA and we LOVE IT!!!

10:29 AM, September 23, 2005  
Anonymous Kristy Conger said...

Thanks so much for the links you provided to local organizations. We've been following your blog here in Memphis and appreciate all you've done to keep people informed and to help the animals. We pooled some money together today and made a donation to the Iberia Humane Society. We said we wished we could have sent a million times more than we did.

Thank you for all you've done and will continue to do. Take care and stay safe!

Kristy Conger
Memphis, TN

1:59 PM, September 23, 2005  
Blogger cookie jill said...

Thanks for the links to truly local charities.

9:38 PM, September 24, 2005  

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