Sunday, September 11, 2005

Medical Status/ CVS Pharmacy - Doing Good.

As you read yesterday, during the pet rescues a filthy, mung covered nail and my foot got to know each other pretty well. Not to mention the cats who were extremely upset that I wasn't their owner and who explained to me in no uncertain terms that they did not want to go on a boat ride.

Well, first thing today, I drove out to East Jefferson General Hospital where today and Monday the staff and FEMA are administering Hepatitus A, Hepatitus B and Tetanus shots for free. I definately needed them. When I spoke to my father this afternoon, he was pretty relieved, said that he had a nightmare last night where I lost my right foot, and all I had was a gnarly mangled nub.

While I was being processed in a tent, I noticed that the gentleman asking me various standard health related questions and who worked for FEMA, had his left leg in a splint. I inquired if he had gotten that injury while down here. He explained that when he arrived in New Orleans the Thursday after the storm, he had shortly thereafter torn the ligaments in his knee in a recovery related accident. They did not ship him out, he wouldn't let them. This man is still down here helping, even considering the fact that he will probably have to have an operation in order to walk again.

The whole process for me to receive the shots took about 30 minutes, but the difficult part - I thought- was going to be filling a prescription for Augmentin, the antibiotic that I obviously needed. My hand, where one of the cats had bitten through a leather glove was starting to swell up and was smarting.

I was informed that the hospital could not fill my prescription or give me a few samples to get the stuff into my system, but there was a nearby CVS Pharmacy which was open and who could potentially do it.

I drove over and upon entering experienced my first air conditioning in 14 days. They had power. It's crazy how acclimated I've become to the heat down here. 72 degrees is down right chilly.

I digress... CVS Pharmacy actually filled my Augmentin prescription, which normally costs in the $200 range for 16 pills, for a whopping 85 cents.

85 cents.

I was astounded. I asked if they were billing FEMA or something and the manager explained that CVS was bearing the entire cost for this and that this was one of the ways they were helping out the community.

I ended up having a long talk with two onsite managers, Don Marshall and Gary Safewright. They informed me that all the CVS Pharmacies in Jefferson Parish were open, but this was the only one not running on a generator. Further, their entire staff in the store from pharmacists to the cashiers were trucked in from Orlando, Florida. Each CVS Pharmacy in the area is operating with borrowed labor from around the country. It gets even better, these individuals are actually all staying at a motel in Slidell, LA - that's now, with the loss of the twin spans over the lake to the East, over an hour commute each way. What can I say except, yeah CVS, you have my business from now on.

On a more curious note. The managers told me that they were running supplies from their stores over to a military regiment based near the Causeway Bridge. At first I understood and was pleased. CVS was providing dog food to the soldiers so that they could feed stranded animals and strays in the area. What's curious, is that they were also supplying our soldiers toothpaste, medical supplies, sunblock and items like nail clippers... I thought our military took care of their own. It's possible that this is simply more generosity on the part of CVS, but the managers did not exactly explain it that way.

I'm going to go on one of these deliveries tomorrow evening and check it out. Unless I'm exhausted again.

Rescue pet update next.


Anonymous Cheryl A said...

Cheryl aka Purrson said...
Not sure how this works but we have a friend whos address was 405 E. Morales Street in Chalmette, LA
They evacuated with 2 of their cats but could not find the third, Magic.female
dom short hair
gold eyes
black with little grey
5 to 8 pounds
spayed with spay scar,
and scarring in mouth from recent dental work couple months back
no teeth grown back as yet
age very young cat
no collar
cat displays feral tendacies
great fear of humans
is an outside cat but was beleived closed in garage with food and litterbox
owner debbie vincent
of 405 E. morales street
chalmette la
can contact friend
mtae at nuthin @

If you could find him/her for us, our group of friends would be very grateful.

Purrson and Kerby

If ANYONE KNOWS or finds anything please rescue the kitty and email me at cherylakapurr @

7:10 PM, September 11, 2005

9:52 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous merry said...

thank you CVS, what wonderful people in the community.

10:05 PM, September 11, 2005  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

If this were yesterday, I'd be getting up in 2 hours.
I got home and discovered that my husband and eight dogs feel neglected, so now that bellies are full and butts have been scratched-
I can go spend time with my...dogs.
Even on very little sleep I'm still not that funny.

I believe it was Debra in Portland, OR that I think gave us some GREAT karma. I spent the afternoon on a boat with 4 National Guardsmen: 2 from Portland, 1 from Eugene and 1 from the Beaverton area. Great guys.
I hope they'll be there still when I get there tomorrow.
Tonight I brought 2 dogs to my parents and 1 cat. Temporary holding. I think Cheri, from ARFLA, wants to adopt one, maybe both. The cat has an owner to contact.

OK. The report I got from Dr. White who has been rescuing in St. Bernard Parish is that even though he has brought at least 40 dogs, 1 squirrel (a pet) and a Muskovie Duck-Saturday night and another 35 Sunday night, It is a DIRE problem.
His words: "There is an unending supply of dogs in St. Bernard Parish and they are dying." The shoot to kill order has been given, by local officials, but the National Guardsmen don't want to do it. He asked me to put out a plea to ALL ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS...WE DESPERATLY NEED YOUR HELP. COME DOWN AND GET SOME.
I have seen other groups, but why are they not going to where the greatest need is? Please contact St. Bernard Sheriff's Department about housing some, and we mean lots, of these animals. I saw a load of Min-Pins and Skipperkees-I know it's spelled wrong-Saturday. These are pure bred small dogs. Our housing capabilities locally are stretched and the State animal shelters that were set up for the Katrina survivors are filling up quickly.
Please spread the word to any animal rescuers and potential foster families that we need them.

I thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and blessings. I'm lucky to be here and be able to do this. I have been working with some wonderful people who are there all day in the heat just to help these little gifts.

Now, lets give it up for Troy. He's relentless in documenting this historic time for New Orleans, and he's right on target.

Wish me sleep!!

1:36 AM, September 12, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another amazing day. Wishing good sleep to all you people. And sweet dreams.

1:47 AM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Tracey Rose said...

Walgreen's gave my mom a free prescription; so yay them too. I don't believe the military supplies much to the troops because there are always requests to send toiletries to Iraq. Soldiers in Iraq often request toiletries and snacks. Pretty sad that they need these things.

Stay safe! I hear Breaux Mart and Fidelity Bank are open in RR now.

6:45 PM, September 12, 2005  
Blogger Vatan said...

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4:38 AM, July 31, 2007  

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