Friday, September 09, 2005

Search For Missing Made Easier... Jazz Fest Rumblings? Saints????!

Weird to put out a title like that... but they are all integral to the New Orleans community and psyche, but of course, loved ones always come first. has put up a website which spiders or searches all of the Katrina Missing Persons sites. According to Michael J. Roberts, Velocityscape's President, "It searches people from all over the web including the Red Cross, Yahoo, MSNBC, NOLO, Gulf Coast News and many other Katrina outposts."

Check it out, I tried it - looking for a neighbor who went missing over a week ago... no luck - but looks like it works. Can't hurt. is reporting that Quint Davis, the Producer of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, will not cancel Jazz Fest this year. They will start by looking at the Fairgrounds potential for holding it in late April, but if not, he states that it will definately be in Louisiana as close to New Orleans as possible.

Now why the heck hasn't Tom Benson, the owner of the Saints, said anything like this. Tom are you going to put the Saints and the NFL up on the Wall of Shame for abandoning us in our time of need. You're from Gentilly for God's sake... You're a prick for not even making a statement committing to staying in New Orleans up to this point. The haggling with the state is over. Time to stand up and support the city and her people like we have always done for you.

The NBA has. Seriously, you had better step up quick and commit to this city. If not you, then the guy who holds your leash, Tagliabue, had better. Four games at Tiger Stadium is not enough. We need you to stand before New Orleans, America and the World, committing yourself to these people, your neighbors. Do it now.

Sorry... 3rd rum drink kicking in. No... I'm not sorry.


Anonymous ThorSinger said...

OMG! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for the spider linkie! i've been killing myself (emotionally) trying to physically search all the different survivor sites for my cousins. This is a GODSEND! You are an angel!!!

10:40 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous Rob said...

Thanks for the website,was able to locate loved ones. I live in River Ridge,and have been reading and printing your posts from the begining.God bless you, and keep you safe as you travel about our city and its neighborhoods.
I was told that someone tried to rob the Whitney Bank next to McDonald's on Jefferson Hwy.Thursday evening.Did they succeed?

11:54 PM, September 09, 2005  
Anonymous ThorSinger said...

i didn't find my cousins, but at least i can more easily search the sites daily for new info. Hopefully, as new info is entered on the individual sites, eventually news of my cousins will become more positive. Thank you again.

12:22 PM, September 10, 2005  

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