Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Having nightmares... Defending home.


Anonymous Sunny~ said...

~pssst~ go back to sleep, kiddo. ~shhh~ It's all over now and you won.

Being a nightowl, it's interesting what I've seen on the net lately: lots of others having nightmares similar to your own :( ~sigh~ at least you're not alone or's probably normal even if it sucks. And a dose of high altitude and frosty breath should make you sleep like a baby when you get to Boulder. (You did bring a jacket, didn't you? lol)

PS Don't bury your kangaroo boots before taking 'em off your feet or you're not gonna get too far on this shakedown cruise yanno :) (You've got a camera, too, right?)

2:44 AM, October 12, 2005  
Anonymous Sunny~ said...

"Turn Back Old Man..."

"Early snow turns Colorado into ‘Siberia’" ~ugh~ KEEP THE BOOTS!!!

12:03 PM, October 12, 2005  

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