Thursday, November 03, 2005

Credible Sourced Rumours

Alright here we go...

• Verification has come in regarding the overwhelming number of people that were killed by US military sniper teams in the aftermath of Katrina. The exact number count is shady at best, but does run upwards to 2,000. The Mississippi River and holes in Bayou Segnette State Park are the overwhelming areas for body disposal.

• The military, FBI and NOPD Swat Teams can also be credited with the outrageous drop in crime in this city. One of the methods is if they see a group of black men loitering around on the street, they approach with guns raised, take names and say "If we see you guys hanging around again tomorrow, you're getting shipped out of the city. There's too much work in this city for you to be hanging out on a corner." And they mean it.

• Ordinary citizens are also taking back their city from crime. One week ago a man was found shot to death in Mid-City. He had an "L" painted on his forehead. "L" stands for looter.

The people in this city have been through too much to put up with crime in any form. Welcome to the Wild Wild Delta.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Troy for keeping up the good work...will put out a November email about your site to redirect people as i did in Sept. and Oct...

deserves a *bump* on SA as well...

6:44 PM, November 03, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog for some time and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been very honest and is an excellent insight into what is really going on in New Orleans. Thanks!

8:15 PM, November 03, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is the verification to be found on the dumped bodies? I keep hearing about this, but I haven't seen official sources. Is there a website?

10:43 AM, November 04, 2005  
Blogger Lisa said...

So I guess that 2,000 figure isnt being counted in the "official katrina death count" of 1,070 being reported on

1:24 PM, November 04, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hum lets see 120,000 people stayed to wait out Katrina.. they evacuatted another 40,000 at there impresive 250 per hour.. they claim only 10,000 people remained in the city after evacuations.... humm and under 2000 dead ... where are the other 68,000 people??? 2000 killed burried or otherwise disposed of.. low estimate I would say...

4:07 PM, November 04, 2005  
Blogger Antonio Gramsci said...

I said from the very beginning the reason they wanted to empty the city was because they were going to shoot to finally have a chance to declare war on the "bad element." I knew it. This doesn't surprise me in the least bit. They didn't want any witnesses and I guess they got their wish, more or less.

2:56 PM, November 07, 2005  

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