Monday, December 19, 2005

Good News From New Orleans - How Odd

I'm a little confused by writing that title, and found myself struggling about what to post as I've rarely had the opportunity to write about positive news from the government - but there has been movement on several fronts in New Orleans.

• Bush has proposed upping the funding to rebuild the levees to higher than Cat 3 levels to $3.1B.

• The House has passed a large spending bill which includes a re-allocation of $29B away from FEMA and towards direct spending throughout the Gulf Coast.

• The Bring Back New Orleans Commission appears to be nearing a consensus on how to determine neighborhood viability in the most devastated areas, and benchmarks on how to proceed with allowing these neighborhoods to exist or to simply turn them into parks and recreation areas.

• Our beloved streetcars started rolling again, albeit on a MUCH smaller route... but damn do we miss those streetcars.

• There are some travel writers who are advocating visiting New Orleans!

• Even the French have given us some good news by donating $431,000 to Louisiana schools which offer French language immersion programs, including $150,000 to New Orleans area schools.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear some good news from your neck of the woods. But we're always here to share ALL the news.

I just wanted you to know that people are still reading your blog (daily), and you folks in New Orleans are still in our hearts and prayers especially during the holiday season.

Take care,

Visitor from Connecticut

11:47 AM, December 20, 2005  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Hey Troy,

Jackie from Toronto, Canada, here again. (Do you like Canadian Beer?) Yup...I am still following your BLOG, even after all this time, and the news of your cities perdicament is "all but gone" from the Canadian news. I just wanted you to know, I for one, have not forgotten you all.
I helped to organize donations from the Toronto area over the summer to get tents, and donated campers down to those folks in need in your area. I just wish I could have done more.

We are all ready for a typical Canadian Christmas up here this weekend, and we have a good coating of snow on the ground, which is always nice (for us anyways !! Ha ha ha!) But still I cant help but to think of the Christmas' of those who have been so negatively impacted by Katrina, Rita and all the "Political CRAP" that arose from these natural disasters.
Please know that you are in my heart and prayers, and I hope in some strong willed, southern fashion, you rise to the celebrations and traditions of years gone by with your families and friends around you.

My holiday wish for NOLA is an end to the war in Iraq, bring home your soliders, and for the goverment to reloacte all avilable troops, support workers and most importantly $$$$$$ to rebuild your wonderful, historical, once vibrant with life and love, cities.

I wish Santa could read this letter.

All the Best & Happy New Year,

9:51 AM, December 21, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a New Orleanean and am thrilled to read this blog and see that people from all over the world are still interested in our situation. I for one am still homeless, waiting for a FEMA trailer. I have no Christmas tree this year, but have decorated many a pile of garbage with tensil. What will Santa bring? Honestly a lump of coal wouldn't be so bad. Merry Christmas.

11:08 AM, December 21, 2005  

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