Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Might Miss Our Old Criminals

New Orleans was never a home for gangs, but instead the drug and other illegal trades were controlled by New Orleans families and networks of families - though obviously no less violent.

In the late 1980's several established national gangs tried to move into New Orleans, but their violent push into this market was quickly rebuffed by the New Orleans families.

Unfortunately, local WVUE Fox 8 news is reporting that the FBI is closely monitoring the potential for national and very violent gangs to try and claim the now dormant and vacant pre-K territories of the New Orleans drug families that are ripe for the picking. Remember that New Orleans is now virtually crime free.

Very specifically the FBI mentions three Latin American gangs: the Latin Kings, the Mexican Mafia and the highly violent MS-13...

Well now, that should pour a little gasoline on the whole New Orleans is filling up with Mexicans debate.

But this inward migration isn't the only story out there. Houston has experienced its murder rate skyrocket, though the Houston Police Department officially states only 8 homicides involve Katrina evacuees, but Houstonians are pointing the finger straight back at us.

Moreover, the FBI sent out a memo to all Houston area police departments stating the following about New Orleans 'gangs', "These gang members are ruled more by emotions, more prone to revenge killings and most of the New Orleans gang members believe if they are dead or in prison at the age of 25, they still feel they've lived a full life."

The criminal balance is out of whack here in the South.

I don't know what would be more exciting for a criminal mind - trying to take over Houston in a bloody war or conquering a virgin territory with not much of a market.

One things for sure - the New Orleans Police Department currently ain't taking no shit. I've heard a cop actually state, "This is our town now and we're not giving it back."

Let's hope that's true, but I want to let the NOPD in on something I discovered... The Latin Kings' colors are the New Orleans Saints Black & Gold.

That could be problematic.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know much about the other 2 groups, but have read up on the MS-13 group. That is some scary shit for sure!!!!! Hopefully they can stay one step ahead of these guys. We thought parts of N.O. was scary before Katrina, we aint seen nothing if these folks move in.

10:57 PM, January 12, 2006  
Blogger artie said...

Dear Mr. Sails -
I've been reading your blog since Sept). I once lived in NOLA and have been heart sickened by all that has happened there. I was so happy to say goodby to 2005 because it was a year of violence on
biblical levels...and then 2006 rolled in and we had two complete morons roll into our city and go on a killing spree. (google Harvey Family, New Year's Day)

It was so shocking many people thought it was a professional hit. I almost wish it was. Somehow that would be easier to accept than the ransom slaying of a family (parents and two young daughters) just because their door was unlocked in preparation for a New Year's Day party.

New Orleans is the sacred heart of America. If it rots then the rest of the nation ain't far behind.

7:31 PM, January 14, 2006  
Anonymous Kelsey said...

Damn, Troy, I need to keep up more often. I've missed your commentary. Now whats wrong with New Orleans filling up with Mexicans? At least they work...and don't want a special day every year to honor they're martyr. Presidents Washington and Lincoln have to share Presidents Day, but MLK gets his own day. I say let's have more Mexicans. And, yes, the fact that I've married a Mexican does mean I'm biased. Hell, at least New Orleans will be different than the one I grew up in. I've NEVER heard of any other 'group' gathering at Lee Circle, or anywhere else for that matter LOOKING for work. I have seen big groups at the Welfare office looking for money and doing NO work.

Wow, where did that rant come from? Thanks for the opportunity.
By the way, animal rescue is still a major occurance. LASPCA is spouting B.S. and forcing the national groups to leave. The situation is NOT under control and Laura Moloney needs to stop saying it is. Before the storm LASPCA received $1.6 million a year to handle the city's animal control. Bang Up job, guys. If they'd been doing their job before the storm, the problem would not be this bad now. And don't forget the endowment they have. Exactly where did they spend that money??

love ya

2:53 PM, January 15, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is our town now and we're not giving it back."

Maybe some readers will think that's an encouraging sign. But from what I've read, the NOPD of the past hasn't behaved much better than the mafia. Did they really change for the better? :-/

4:21 PM, January 16, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These other gangs will get hit by some nasty crossfire in N.O. Between white cops trusting nobody and black cops no regard for anybody and both of them beating the shit out of everybody, whose the bigger and most dangerous gang? Look out Latin gangs! N.O. is not like the rest of the world. There is very little room for other gangs. We still have a black vs. white gang fight down here, right in City Hall. Therefore, the two City Hall gangs (white vs. blacks) will come togther because they're intelligent enough to know one more gang will mess up their piece of pie. The hurricane coverage should have been enough evidence for that.

As far as gang activity, police initiation ceremonies for young black kids are a tad bit longer and harsher. I kinda feel sorry for other gangs if they get caught by NOPD.

Another point, once the old crews come back the NOPD will just sit back and let'em handle the light weight. Also, what most people don't realize is that everyday N.O people become cops and everybody has relatives up to no good or just stays on edge. So even if gangs threaten police, then... blood is thicker than water then you will see NOPD and local crews killing gang members.

This can get pretty ugly. It may sound magical but N.O. is that screwed up.

New Orleanians stay on edge. It's our culture.

A gang taking over N.O. is not a smart business move. The local gangs, people and politicians are uneducated, more unstable, shady and trigger happy compared to the rest of the country.

3:20 AM, March 05, 2006  

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