Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Desire NOLA

Desire NOLA is a not-for-profit corporation organized by a group of young New Orleans area individuals, who happened to be evacuees from Hurricane Katrina’s wrath. While the Greater New Orleans Area finds temporary harbor in other cities across our gracious country, Desire NOLA will be an active organization helping with the rebirth of New Orleans. Our goal is to provide a unifying symbol of hope and desire for the Greater New Orleans Area.

Our mission is to ensure the revitalization of New Orleans and its economy by retaining our temporarily displaced citizens and business, cultivating a strong business community by providing access to necessary information and resources for returning and developing businesses, and by stimulating economic development and generating job growth.

Our mission will be carried out with full emphasis on preserving the unique culture, ambiance, and historical value of the City of New Orleans and surrounding communities, which will benefit us all.

You can participate in the renaissance of New Orleans by making your donation today and proudly wearing your Desire NOLA t-shirt as a sign of support.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Troy, just a heads-up...
don't forget about Trinity Yachts pulling out of New Orleans as well! John Dane has taken the entire operation out of NO and moved it to Gulfport. I'm afraid it's just the beginning! My good friend Al Baumer is doing the same, and is justified...

1:34 AM, December 28, 2005  

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