Friday, December 23, 2005

Damn Chris...

In the frontier town that is New Orleans these days, we're definately ready to go to war with anybody who either badmouths or undermines us. The heroic efforts of the TRUE New Orleanians who are down here every day, either rebuilding or going to work or simply spending money, will not and can not be sullied by even our own townsfolk who feel they must put us down in order to bring themselves back up.

Moreover - we're going to call you on that bullshit as Chris Rose, a columnist for the Times-Picayune did today. You go Chris. Ballsy move attacking a member of the first family of music in NOLA, Cyril Neville.

I want to add one to that though... Baumer Foods. The makers of my personal choice for hot sauce, Crystal, are fleeing the city and taking with them 250 jobs. Since 1923, Crystal Hot Sauce has been manufactured in New Orleans by the Baumer family and is now managed by Alvin Baumer. Besides knowing that I have now switched back to Tobasco Hot Sauce, I basically want to ask Alvin this... Do you think those Sazerac's that you love so much are going to taste as good in Houston or wherever the heck you're running off to?


Anonymous jules said...

Thank you for pointing that out Troy. Crystal has been my preference for years. I guess I'll have to find another brand now. Too bad for them.

9:05 AM, December 27, 2005  

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