Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav's First Wave

First feeder band is coming through now. Nice wall of gusts and then the rain. It's now pitch black outside where a minute ago it wasn't.

Realized right after that I left my window down in the jeep. Then I spoke to a good friend still in Lakeview, she thought it was beautiful. I explained that she hadn't really seen anything yet.

The bottom photo is from the Lakefront a few minutes ago and is courtesy of someone from Southern YC.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back, Troy. Staying proved cathartic. I've been feeling sick the last 3 days. Now I'm pretty good. Could have something to do with the booze and spaghetti! Anyway, thinking about you from my dry spot in Metairie. Lulu

11:27 PM, August 31, 2008  
Anonymous Gray said...

Troy, nice to hear from you again. I missed your honest stories about the city that care forgot and about your neighborhood. Good to read that your renovation is almost finished! And while I'm a bit concerned about you chosing to go through another hurrican in NO again, it's great to get first hand accounts from the scnene.
All the best wishes, and here's hoping everything will turn out fine

2:02 AM, September 01, 2008  
Blogger Vanessa said...

I grew up mostly in south La, which means in Nola's orbit, but now live in NM. When Katrina ripped out pieces and chewed them up (who here in the high desert plains and arid mountain foothills and where the Rio is anything but Grande had a clue?), GulfSails was a psychic life line. Yesterday, watching news updates, I told myself - time for something better than damned networks. Welcomed without surprise the GulfSails notice from Feedblitz.

4:44 PM, September 01, 2008  

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