Saturday, August 27, 2005

Hurricane Katrina III

These two pictures are from earlier this afternoon out at Orleans Marina. As I said before, only about half of the owners went out to tie up their boats properly. Tomorrow as the weather starts to kick in, I'll post some more before pictures, and then keep posting pictures as long as I can - sorry, no video. Text posts should continue throughout.

Been going through some of my gear. I gathered up my heavy weather sailing stuff, some flares and a flare gun in case I have to try and get rescued off the roof Monday night or something, and shotgun shells in case of looters. We have plenty of beer and wine, and I will be cooking a massive ham for sandwiches and some red beans & rice in the morning while continuing to board up the house.

Word on the radio is that already giant schools of turtles have been seen heading north out of the marshes (seriously). Animals have a sixth sense regarding bad weather and know when to head to high, or at least in this case above sea-level ground (apparantly not all humans do though). On the TV, they are starting to banter around Cat 5.

WWOZ is playing some nice jazz right now... it's not jazz funeral music though. Not yet.

Here are some current news links...

National Hurricane Center Director says, "This is really scary."
Bush declares state of emergency


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