Sunday, August 28, 2005

Wind - No Water yet.

The winds are picking up. Still not much rain here. I ate dinner, took a shower and decided to put on my Lake Pontchartrain Racing Circuit baseball cap - figured it was appropriate. That's a sailboat race by the way... you know, wind & water.

I'd estimate that currently the winds are gusting up to 40 knots and coming from the Northeast.

I heard from a good friend of mine up in central Alabama, GREENVEGAS Baby! They were having a cocktail party and told me, "We're having a catastrophe! We've run out of ice!" Three of them live in New Orleans and evacuated... uh... yesterday I guess.

Our power is still doing fine, not even flickering yet, and am thinking about my first beer. You can work and still drink beer right?

Alright, beer and some final preps and I'll shoot out another post ASAP.

This picture is from Tropical Storm Isidore in 2002 my car is parked up on the curb. Again, that's water from only a brief tropical storm.

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes and stuff.


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