Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina - And it begins...

What a difference seven hours makes...

Bad news all around. Cat 5... New Orleans Mayor Nagin has called for a mandatory evacuation. Highways in gridlock, actually they are parking lots. Rumours of evacuation of the hospitals and tourists from the hotels. How the heck are they going to do that? Police escorted busses forging their way through the traffic?

I've been speaking to several people who are either on the fence about leaving or are staying. The consensus is that the roads will become chaotic. Remember that New Orleans is effectively an island and there are only three exits out of the city.

Oh well, I'm staying here with my parents, this house is an old plantation house that is built like a pillbox and withstood Betsy which was only a Cat 3, but...

I've got to go, time to turn this house into a fortress. I will be posting again as soon as I can today, probably around noon.

All the best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to this site
Betsy was a Cat. 4 - 1 mile/hour short of a Cat 5. So perhaps you are in better shape than you might think. I rode out Betsy on the the West Bank - age 3 :o) Now in Houston, most of my family is still in N.O. or surrounding areas.
The best to you.

3:25 PM, August 28, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good luck


5:53 PM, August 28, 2005  

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