Monday, September 05, 2005

Generator issues. Slidell memorial hospital being used as a morgue.


Anonymous cowboy said...


I never said don't mention the name. It's Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis & Eagan.


Anybody hiring lawyers?

10:34 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous jstoli said...

if your going uptown check my pad.

we are headed to perdido tomorrow to work on an ivan damaged building. wierd. practice for home.

i envy you the feeling of sleeping in your own bed.


11:33 PM, September 05, 2005  
Anonymous Anne-Caroline said...

Hang in there! We're pulling for you down here in Miami.... You don't know me but my name is Anne-Caroline

12:19 AM, September 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to say if you plan to stay please be careful about using your generator. It could be a long time before things are functioning properly again. Make sure to put up crosses and garlic to ward off voodoo zombies.

-Ben N

7:01 AM, September 06, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, also, isn't there a way you could use car batteries to charge your cell phone and/or other electronics? They are 12 volt batteries. I think with minor wiring it could be acomplished.

-Ben N

7:06 AM, September 06, 2005  

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