Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jefferson parish Library System

The following are excerpts from a few emails sent by the Director of the Jefferson Parish Library System, Lon Dickerson.

Here's the latest update. Frankly, it was depressing to have to wear a mask today to enter Gretna and Belle Terre libraries. There's still a glimmer of hope that a portion of Gretna's collection can be salvaged.

I checked with EOC today; paper checks will not be mailed. Yes, another payroll is being prepared. No, I don't know when employees will be instructed to return to work. I'm not aware of anybody's position being eliminated; everyone still has a job.

I'm anticipating the loss of 200,000+ books, etc., as well as an unknown number of computers and 4 facilities. We need cash donations for books and other resources, computers, and construction c/o Friends of Jefferson Parish Public Library, P.O. Box 9391, Metairie, La 70055. Encourage individuals, agencies, and any other contacts to have to make donations. People can contact me at and Lisa Conescu, Friends President.


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