Saturday, September 24, 2005

What bullshit is this? Midnight curfew-even bars. This is nola! We're in extreme situation-derserves extreme... Closing skills.


Anonymous Kelsey said...

May I comment that life on generator power sucks.
Since my brother's previous post, Vacherie has about 6-8" of water in the main house. This is the oldest house in St. Mary Parish and has been standing since 1814. Hurricane Andrew went directly over it. The sheriff's department tried to tell me that I couldn't drive down the road. Please!!If I would brave St. Bernard Parish, a little water between me and my family home is not going to stop me.
Note to self--when attempting to do something that may seem irrational, leave the husband at home.
I recruited a coonass with a boat to go in and 'rescue' my father, who, with his fellow lunatic friend, Mike, was wading through knee deep water while wearing jeans and topsiders.
My beloved brother and his wife live mere blocks behind the police and fire stations, so they have power. The rest of us are sweating and my wolf and wolf-dogs are NOT amused, except that they keep getting food that we will never eat and would otherwise go bad.

I am still getting calls and e-mails about N.O. pet rescues. I'm not sure how much more we can do, especially since there is a great need in my own backyard. These are people who usually tie their dogs to trees with food and water before they evacuate. I would really like to get a headstart on these rescues. I'm sure Michael Lohr is still in New Orleans doing rescues, so I recommend getting in touch with him. If anybody wants to start doing rescues in SW Louisiana, contact me. I'm not giving up on N.O. , but realistically we have a better chance of giving good news if we start early here. If there are still animals that can be saved in N.O., I'll go back. Let's prioritize.

Troy, I will trust you to decide who to give my cell # to.
Also, if you don't get here soon, I will have made many withdrawls from the Abita bank.
And I will hold our guest room open for you, since Jim doesn't have one, Mom and Dad's is full and Vacherie may or may not have water in it. But airboats abound as do flat bottom boats, so we can give you a first rate tour of 'The Rita Zone'. Gus, my husband, has inlaws in Jennings and former students in Erath. Whatcha wanna see first?

Jen Deane is e-mailing you the pictures she took of our journey into St. Bernard.

I didn't read what PETA said, but many years ago they were threatening Dr.White, who laughed in their liberal faces. I have yet to find a constructive use for PETA, but I did have a friend in Montana who had a shirt that said, "PETA--People for the Eating of Tasty Animals."

Love to you all!!
If anybody can get my A/C working again SOON, I will love you forever.


12:41 AM, September 25, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest part of what makes nola, nola is the bar hours...what the hell has gotten into people. If we are gonna be serious about renewing then the bars have to stay open!!!

2:38 AM, September 25, 2005  
Blogger Chuck said...

I just wanna know what bar owner didn't realize or have the good sense to simply lock the door and force all of you to stay until the curfew was lifted... yeah, it is NOLA, and what's new about drinking til dawn?

TAG, you weren't patronizing some imported carpetbagger were you? Any local woulda known the drill.

12:50 PM, September 25, 2005  

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