Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Night

I've been down this road before I think... There will not be any Marfian lights.

This travel ends at home... laughing now... maybe that's the great discovery.

I am having nightmares. At my parents boarded up house fending off banditos with guns and homemade explosives. Very vivid.

Completely ready to hit the road again. Santa Fe has been big, if not depressing. I want the open spaces. The high desert with strangers and Mezcal, drank with lime and cayenne pepper.

One more night.


Anonymous ames said...


If all seems not as fun as Marfia...why not go back and become a Marfian? You're connected to all of us electronically, anyhow...plenty of time for writing....

Think about it! : )

Glad you're movin' on to Moab & another friend...

take care - signed, another person you don't know who you think to yourself 'why on earth is this person checking in on my blog when i don't even know him/her...and wow, some of these strangers are WEIRD! And my MOM and DAD read these posts!! : )

(good luck on the 23rd, btw...can't remember what kind of boat The Reason Why is...but i'm sure you'll be a lot warmer than i will up in detroit in my first Fall Series...but the boat is sweet...a Sydney 36...they auditioned me last week, and i think i'm getting a 'promotion' this week...yay) ciao! a.

9:04 PM, October 12, 2005  

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