Thursday, October 13, 2005

What do i say to people? I can best them on every story. i haven't figured out how this works just yet... ready to get.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is your camera broken or did you run out of Rum?


11:18 AM, October 13, 2005  
Blogger cookie jill said...

say anything you want!

6:07 PM, October 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you didn't participate in the initial evacuation. So, for some reason, maybe people don't understand your experiences because it wasn't part of the MSM disaster porn going on at the time. Don't know what your access to TV was then, but for about two weeks it was pretty much non-stop on CNN, etal. The coverage was all the murder and rape rumors going on at the Superdome and Convention Center, and rampant looting (which all turned out to be pretty much untrue.) On top of this was the FEMA vs. state responsibility blame game.

Troy, an unfortunate aspect of life is that most people adopt the "deer in the headlights" look when an akward topic of loss or sadness comes up in conversation. Yes, we have empathay for your situation, just spare me the details. These people have no soul. It is hard and sad not to find people that are open to talking about the rawness of living.

You'll figure out who is worth talking to and who isn't. Just like anything else, it will take time to figure out. I wish you the best with this.


Madison, WI

8:21 PM, October 13, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Say whatever you want and don't let the face of New Orleans escape the minds of people. I recently got into a dispute with some colleagues, who genuinely belive that we have an environmental and economice responsibility to NOT renew New Orleans. My greatest struggle is trying to describe what New Orleans "IS" to people, who have never been there. The southwest mentality is fucked up. Keep your head up, dammit. You are doing a great credit to our way of life. Take care and call me when you get a chance.

Your coozan,
PJ "Caesar"

9:21 PM, October 13, 2005  
Anonymous Shamba said...

Gosh, you haven't had much trouble up to now in saying a lot about what's been happening in your part of NOLA. don't stop now!


10:34 AM, October 14, 2005  

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