Friday, November 04, 2005

My New Favorite Post Katrina Story

It was the middle of the third week post-K, and a group of New Orleans women were boozing it up in Jefferson Parish, and after running out of cash (no ATM's) because of paying $20 a six pack for Corona beer they hatched a plot to retrieve $200 in cash from the art gallery that they owned in order to continue the party. Problem is it was 12:30am and the gallery was in Orleans Parish under curfew and lockdown.

So two bodacious and damn good looking blonds hopped in their car and headed up River Road. Within minutes they hit an 82nd Airborne checkpoint. Acting all hysterical to the soldiers, explaining that they had priceless historical artwork which had to be retrieved and working the fact that most of these troops hadn't seen a woman in awhile, they were unbelieveably allowed to pass.

Driving through the pitch black city they were eventually followed by a white suburban which was probably filled with Blackwater Mercs - frightened now, they recklessly sped down Prytania St. until they came apon a military base at a school.

They then pleaded with some National Guardsmen to escort them to the gallery to retrieve these items. After checking with a superior officer, several soldiers were given clearance to escort the young women with two humvees to the art gallery.

The girls then went inside and retrieved the what turns out to be $150 and some dinky painting to cover their story, returned to their car and then were escorted out of the city by the soldiers who waved goodbye at the parish line.

They then went out to a bar and resumed drinking.

Now that is a true New Orleans beer run.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is a true New Orleans beer run. And as such, those girls ought to get a medal from the Corna beer company. A petition should be circulated.
PJ "Caesar"

4:07 PM, November 04, 2005  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Some good news :)
Superdome to Reopen in Fall 2006

With the NFL stipulating that the Saints should remain a Louisiana franchise, it's good news that sometime next season, the Superdome might be ready. Although the re-opening is postponed, the reason at least should come as good news - it's postponed because the contractor bidding to do the work was caught hiding a lawsuit from a previous client, the Atlanta Airport, stemming from delays and overspending. The two other firms collaborating on the new Superdome project are Louisiana companies. They will re-submit their proposal by November 10th, which cites a cost of $125M, far less than the figure predicted by government officials. The price of rebuilding the Superdome is being shared between insurance and FEMA funds.

10:57 AM, November 05, 2005  

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