Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Offshore Oil Leases Revisited

Even though South Louisiana received some potentially good news after George Bush tried to deflect Katrina criticism off of him by stating that he would support another +$4B in Community Block Grants to help the neighborhoods upon neighborhoods of flood-debris owners, it is important that Louisiana still carry a big stick - our only stick in making sure this happens.

As such, a fellow partner in crime has posted a legal brief on whether or not any Governor of the state of Louisiana can actively stop the Federal Government from mining minerals off this state's coastline.

Turns out - the answer is yes.

Check it out here on a new New Orleans group blog - theBATTURE.com - be forewarned though, it is a legal brief.

Also, here's an interesting post regarding Iranians protesting Chef Emeril Lagasse's treatment of his adopted hometown of New Orleans, also found on theBATTURE.com



Blogger Mark said...

Just for more fun with the central government, Louisiana has several boards that control pilotage and set the fees associated therewith. (Damn, I shouldn't read legal briefs this late in the day. Messes up your mind). Anyway, I think the state should setup one board to set pilotage fees. I think, say, $100,00 per vessel to start, provided the funds from the central government start coming. Otherwise, we up it to whatever we need divided by 6,000 ships a year.

6:29 PM, February 22, 2006  

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