Tuesday, February 07, 2006

"Time to play hardball"

Gov. Blanco has finally, as all of her constituents down here in southern Louisiana already know, decided that in order to be heard by President Bush she must begin to play hardball.

We are demanding that Louisiana be given its fair share of offshore royalties, monies that Texas and Florida already receive, in order to protect and rebuild our coasts which have been destroyed by this same offshore oil and gas production.

She has threatened to halt all future offshore oil and gas production off our coasts. And America you already had a taste of what that means with the fuel spikes after Katrina and Rita.

We are destroyed and devastated down here. Sure Bush has approved more than $85B to go towards this damage, but everyone must be aware that nearly 50% of this money is going to Republican Mississippi which had 1/5 of Louisiana's damage and the rest is spent by the bungling FEMA.

NOTHING IS HAPPENING DOWN HERE! THERE IS NO PROGRESS! The feds move quicker in goddamn Iraq.

Bush has been demanding a rebuilding plan from our state, we give him one in the form of the Baker Bill which he shoots down and then ridicules us for not having a plan.

We apparantly are, as Blanco stated yesterday, "second class citizens."

As such, we're going to treat the Bush Government as a second class government and we're going to do whatever's in our power to protect ourselves - including seeking aid from foreign nations.

It is our right as first class citizens of the soverign state of Louisiana.

If you'd like to help us be heard by Bush, please take a moment of your time to enter your email address in the following petition.



Blogger Lola said...

Is Blanco slow with her request, or is this a re-itteration of a past policy change request? Troy, you've brought up this same idea in some form on a post last fall.

I agree, that any US state that has a natural resource that can be leveraged for revenue, should take advantage of said revenues. Ahem, (cough) states rights.

Bon fete du Mari Gras.

8:38 PM, February 07, 2006  
Anonymous Mike Huete said...

I seem to recall Gov McKeithen "shutting the valves" at the state line during the "Let The Bastards Freeze In The Dark" period three decades ago or so. A gutsy move that got Federal attention. Louisiana can use a governor with guts right now to do something similar.

You are a great and courageous guy. Keep it up - I have been following you since during Katrina.

I am coming in for Mardi Gras this year to take a look for myself (I am a native New Orleanian retired from the Navy in the DC area). I doubt I am prepared for what I will find.

FYI, from what I have observed, the folks around here haven't got a clue, as you have suspected.

12:34 PM, February 08, 2006  

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