Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Deja Vu

So you think New Orleans is moving in the right direction? Check out these phat statistics I culled from the Times-Picayune as well as other sources and decide for yourself if we've made significant progress in nearly five months... (Orleans Parish unless otherwise specified)

Now according to tonights broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360, here's a breakdown of New Orleans population by race pre & post Katrina:

Here's a few more interesting statistics from the Brookings Institute below:

• Delinquent mortgage rates have skyrocketed in Louisiana:
- 1 of 5 prime loans now delinquent.
- 1 of 3 sub-prime loans now delinquent.
• Personal income has dropped 25% in Louisiana post-K.

• Here's another article from the Brooking's Institute which was published in the NY Times back in December assessing the current situation in New Orleans.

And a few stats compiled by the Times-Picayune on FEMA trailer deliveries, of which I am included in - two months after my site survey and approval, yep still no trailer.

• Trailers requested in Orleans Parish: 19,413
• Number of trailers occupied in Orleans Parish: 2,309

That's a whopping 12% delivery rate there FEMA... damn good job!

• Total trailers requested in seven parish area: 64,791
• Total trailers occupied in seven parish area: 19,300

And that's a whopping 30% delivery rate. 500 trailers delivered a day, my ass.

Curious isn't it that every senator and representative who actually comes down to visit New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast thinks that WE NEED MORE HELP.


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