Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3 Weeks til Mardi Gras in the Wasteland

That's right, it's almost three weeks to Mardi Gras!

So here's a couple of good pieces of news today.

• My friends over at Renew NOLA have scored a huge windfall by having this year's REX Krewe throw out the Renew NOLA bracelets. Interesting Times-Pic article here about REX.

• In three days (Saturday 7:00pm) I'll be marching through the French Quarter with Krewe du Vieux, the only official Krewe which is allowed to parade through the Quarter. Trust me, the Feds ears and eyes are going to burn. Stay tuned Sunday evening for a full report with plenty of photos.

Now lets slip back to reality for just a bit here...

• This article from the AP explains how many people in New Orleans are being forced to break the law in order to get electricity, by illegally breaking into and then doctoring up their electrical meters...

DAMN, that makes me so jealous. At least they have a meter to break and then turn on the electricity illegally! Gosh it sure sucks to have a bankrupt utility company that will not be aided by FEMA. Gosh it sure sucks that the Federal Government destroyed my city, and is trying its best in the aftermath to squash any glimmers of hope that we may have in rebuilding.

Now I want to puke.

I vote we simply kick FEMA out of the state. Hell kick 'em all out.



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