Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Be Very Afraid...

The Federal Report on a possible response to a bird flu pandemic states:

“Local communities will have to address the medical and nonmedical impacts of the pandemic with available resources,” the report warns, because the federal government won’t be able to offer the kind of aid expected after hurricanes or other one-time, one-location natural disasters.

Jesus -- so we're really on our own on this I guess. What the hell is government for then?

We had better start stocking up on vitamin C and start killing chickens people.

Anyway... there was a great piece in Sports Illustrated today... It just goes to show that even a Sports Writer down here to cover Reggie Bush can only scream about how deplorable the conditions are down here in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast EIGHT MONTHS post Katrina.

I can't wait for the one year anniversary, so the rest of the country - in their Katrina boredom - might wake up and discover that none of those billions of dollars have come down here, we still don't have many operating streetlights, boats are still sitting in streets, people still haven't gotten FEMA trailers... it goes on and on.



Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

There's a building feeling inside me as I read through your archives ... of just amazement that progress has been sooo slow and wonder at who really was/is to blame (which must be complex to assess) and how to fix this sort of thing in the future.

4:08 PM, August 18, 2006  

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