Monday, April 17, 2006

THE Election

Only New Orleans could produce what is - without question - the oddest mayoral election in this nation's history. I mean in what other mayoral election would one be asking, "Who won Houston? Atlanta? Salt Lake City?"

(I've heard that your less savvy individuals in Houston are calling in to Texas talk radio asking why the heck Ray Nagin's big fat bald head is plastered over so many billboards in Texas.)

We even have the final debate getting televised nationally on MSNBC in primetime and hosted by Hardball's Chris Matthews.

Odd times indeed.

Anyway, I feel compelled to make a few recommendations (Mayor & Council at Large only) for the vote next Saturday...

MAYOR: Mitch Landrieu

Why: I've been watching all of the debates, and I have to say, even though I am still somewhat of a fan of Nagin, his laid back attitude just ain't gonna' cut it when we're down here begging Congress for money in order to even get our street lights working.

Forman is really just too much of the Uptown candidate.

Couhig & Boulet scored a few points with me, but it wasn't enough.

Peggy and the Reverend are both completely insane... so that leaves Mitch.

Watch out for a surprise though -- I predict either an outright win by Landrieu or a Landrieu/Forman runoff.

CITY COUNCIL AT LARGE (can vote for two): Arnold Fielkow & Oliver Thomas.

Why: This is a no brainer. Both of these guys have shown their true colors throughout our Katrina experience. Thomas was everywhere - on boats rescuing people, pleading eloquently for help from the rest of the country in the national media, etc.

Arnie (the former GM for the New Orleans Saints) was Johnny on the spot as team owner, Tom Benson, made his boneheaded moves to try and take the Saints out of this town - while people were still dying in attics. He stood up to that imbecile, screaming that this is not what you do in a disaster and got fired for it. Paul Tagliabue had to finally reign in Benson and I can't wait for Benson to see Fielkow sitting on the other side of the negotiating table from him.

ASSESSORS: Yep, you guessed it - the IQ Ticket.

I also want to give a helluva shout out to the Times-Picayune who won two Pulitzer Prizes today for their Katrina coverage. THANKS TIMES-PIC! You deserve it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Troy- I am a little concerned about you choice of Landrieu. Mitchy the kid started running for Governor before he was sworn in as Lt. Governor. He is a fan and supporter or New Orleans but his skills at public and private projects is at a minimum. When New Orleans is trying to take a new political direction, electing a Landrieu or a Morial or another family canidate is a mistake. Ron Forman is the only candidate that has a consistent track record of working with private and public interests together. He is not the "Uptown Candidate". I hope that he is able to pull off a win and create some momentum to re-build New Orleans properly.


10:59 AM, April 19, 2006  
Blogger Dangle 24-7 said...

I over all agree with your picks except I cannot see an outright win by Landrieu or for that matter, any Mayoral candidate receiving more than 40% of the vote nor can I see a Landrieu - Forman run off.

The fact the local Republican Party officially endorsed Wilson over Couhig does not bode well for the future of New Orleans' politics.

Besides, following the election, we all know what's next.

2:49 PM, April 21, 2006  

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