Thursday, March 02, 2006

What Has Brown Done For You?

It's quite astonishing that according to the Associated Press only 30% of US Senators and 13% of the members of the US House of Representatives have come down to witness the continued devastation of the Gulf Coast. Trust me -- you have to see it to understand it and it is shamefull that all of them did not come down in the first two months.

Though I drive through it and sleep in it everyday, I got a fresh understanding of what it looks like through the eyes of a friend who came down from Brooklyn for Mardi Gras.

All that he kept saying as I drove him through mile after mile of destroyed neighborhoods was "I have to keep saying to myself that this is six months later. Six months later. It looks like it happened yesterday!"

He had to keep reminding me to stop so that he could take photographs, and I kept telling him you ain't seen nothing yet.

On the way back from the 17th Street Canal breach in Lakeview headed back Uptown I told him that I would tell him when the flooding stopped. Twice he asked me if I had forgotten, and I replied not yet... not yet.

p.s. Dennis Hastert had better not run into me while he's down here.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am disappointed big T

no drunken posts from mardi gras?

no bawdy tales?

what did you DO this carnival season?

for shame...


3:37 PM, March 03, 2006  

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