Thursday, February 23, 2006

Prepping for Mardi Gras

As I'm sitting here girding my psyche for what should be one of the more interesting Mardi Gras' in New Orleans' history, I find myself slightly disappointed that I haven't heard any rumblings from the Hell's Angels.

We could really use them this year... to explain:

With roots dating back into the early 1700's, but officially acknowledged as starting in New Orleans in 1857, Mardi Gras since that year has only been cancelled five times - four during World War II and once for a police strike in 1979 - and trust me, we're not letting the near total destruction of this city stop us this year.

But one of the more tremulous Mardi Gras' was back in the 1960's when the Hell's Angels announced they were going to decend on the city en masse on Fat Tuesday. The city damn near puked in fear. The bikers actually never made it as far as Kansas City or something like that before they passed out.

This year I say, invite those damn bikers on down... If we give em enough fortified wine, easy access to sledgehammers and lure them towards Lakeview and the Lower 9 with giant cauldrons of patchulli and skunk scent - they will naturally run amok. But heck, half those houses need to come down anyway. Sounds like a win-win. We get some demolition in for free and they get to think they're bringing a city to it's knees.

Moving on...

If you haven't already done so, please sign the petitions at and FLOOD CONGRESS.

Also you might want to check out Think Louisiana.

Anyway - I'll be posting ittermittently throughout the great debauching. Cheers and Happy Mardi Gras.



Blogger Tim said...

You might be on to something. Instead of paying people to demolish houses, we should be charging admission. Let'em run a dozer for half an hour for $100 bucks. I bet there would be a line of people waiting to climb up in the big seat to smash us some houses. Hey, come do mine!

10:32 PM, February 23, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mardi gras was not cancelled in 1979 because of the police strike.
The national Guard came in. It was very peaceful - if you could get by the vision of
the "army" hanging around in their vehicles with the weapons "at ready".

10:29 PM, February 25, 2006  

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