Monday, March 13, 2006

Lakefront Land Grab

We've all heard the rumblings and yells from the residents of the Lower 9 on how there was going to be a huge land grab in that neighborhood, but the fact of the matter is that the neighborhood which needs to be concerned is Lakeview.

Already there are quiet City Hall meetings on grabbing the Lakefront real estate where Jaeger's and the Dock used to reside near West End Park. Word on the street is the South's largest and most expensive condominuium project is in the works.

With the talk also coming from several liveaboards regarding the privitization of the next door Orleans Marina - everyone who celebrated the lifestyle out at the marinas (who can't afford million dollar condos) should be very afraid.

This entire way of life, this community is about to be forever and irrevocably destroyed.

If you are a resident of District A, please email Councilman Jay Batt ( explaing in no uncertain terms that the charm, historic viability and useability of the Lakefront must be saved and restored.

Whether you are a boater, enjoyed evenings playing volleyball out at Coconut Beach, spent countless hours eating at some of New Orleans' best seafood restaurants, docked your boat up at Jaegers on a Sunday afternoon you must become actively involved.

We can't rebuild our city simply for the sake of rebuilding. We have to fight for preserving our many and varied ways of living down in New Orleans or all is truly lost.



Anonymous ashley said...

I filled out Batt's form and emailed him the day you put up this post. No response yet....I'll hear from him when Ruth's Chris moves back to town.

10:03 PM, March 19, 2006  
Anonymous Sharon said...

Just sent Batt these comments. Hope it helps!
Councilman Batt,

I'm very concerned about the future of West End. It's such a unique little corner of the world, and I would hate to see it wiped out by developers whose only concern is their own pocketbooks. Right now, WestEnd is a sitting duck and we need YOU to help protect it!

I grew up working on boats and sailing out of the Municipal Yacht Harbor. We could walk to get parts at Sintes', or poboys at one of the many Mom and Pop restaurants. Eat lunch under the oak trees. It was idyllic.

With the upcoming change in ownership of the Yacht Harbor, and the ability to rebuild the dilapidated areas, we now have a unique opportunity to restore West End to it's former glory - a pedestrian-friendly, BOAT-friendly community.

Building High-rises or Condos of any kind along the lakefront will crush that atmosphere, both spiritually and physically. Those roads can't take it.

High-rises belong downtown. Boats belong on the waterfront (what's left of it.) And the people of New Orleans deserve to have access to that waterfront.

Thank you for your time and committment and I look forward to hearing about your efforts to protect WestEnd.

3:29 PM, March 21, 2006  

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