Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hastert Sped Through Town

Totally by coincedence, I happened to be leaving my FEMA trailer Friday and pulled up to West End Blvd. in the heart of Lakeview when my path was suddenly blocked by a Federal Protection Agency vehicle. Then low and behold, a medium-sized congressional delegation in town to view the devastation flew by on West End - I assume to visit the 17th St. Canal breach. Talk about a convoy, two large tour busses and probably ten Fed cop cars.

I'm, of course, pleased that Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi have finally made it down to the site of this country's worst natural disaster, but come on - it's been six months and they were cruising through the neighborhoods at close to 60 mph.

You can't smell it going that fast. You can't hear how quiet it is going that fast. You can't feel it going that fast. And you certainly can't talk to any of the residents while driving by that fast.

As a matter of fact, no resident of New Orleans was allowed to get near the Congressmen.

Although I did hear that at least one New Orleanian held up one of the quickly proliferating signs that demands that the Army Corps of Engineers be held responsible for flooding New Orleans and killing 1,300 people and leaving 1,840 still missing...

I just shot the bird at them through my sunroof.



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