Saturday, April 22, 2006

Election Beads

I could have sworn I saw a float on Harrison Avenue this morning as I went to St. Dominic's Church to cast my vote... Actually I could have almost cried as I walked into the voting booth. Amazing how much a simple deal as voting means in this wasted town of New Orleans.

I was a little bummed out that I didn't get any beads though -- that's what the atmosphere was like. Celebratory.

Turnout was intense, people everywhere... and I didn't vote for nearly anyone that I had set my mind on before I walked into the booth. Most of the people I spoke with were exactly the same way... Everyone was a little surprised by their vote.

Here are my predictions and they ain't necessarily how I voted -- just my gut feeling.

- Nagin will not make the runoff.
- Couhig will possibly come in third, if not the runoff.
- Five of the seven Assessors will be voted out.
- Batt will be in the runoff.
- Gusman is out.
- Ollie and Arnie at large -- sorry Jackie.
- Valteau & Atkins are in.
- I will sue the NAACP and/or the Rev. Jackson for violating my rights if they file a damned lawsuit and hold up this election.

Anyway -- here's to democracy.

Oh, by the way, best idea I've heard in a long time -- throughout this coming hurricane season, the Army Corps of Engineers must sit in a metal cage in Lakeview with the top of the cage sitting at the Katrina waterline... how's that for an endorsement of the repaired levees.



Blogger oyster said...

I hope your gut is right on the assessors being replaced.

Gusman losing would be the biggest political upset of the night, and that includes a scenario in which Nagin misses the runoff and Couhig makes it.

I think the odds of those things taking place are terribly remote, but I guess we shall see.

6:06 PM, April 22, 2006  

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