Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sifting Through the Sludge

Here we are nine months after Katrina roared ashore in Mississippi and the spin doctors are still spinning the aftermath. The amount of garbage one has to sift through in the national media to even get close to the reality on the ground is amazing.

I even found myself getting furious the other night at Tucker Carlson - Tucker do your research bud - Nagin is virtually a Republican. Landrieu is the dyed in the wool liberal. I'm sorry that you find it hard to believe that a white man from a southern state would be more liberal than an urban black - but it's true.

I endorsed Landrieu before the primary, but found myself voting for the man who came in fourth, Rob Couhig (R) and who actually endorsed Nagin in the runoff. In the primary I voted for Landrieu and I'll tell you why: Because I knew the rest of the country would start screaming that we'd be a bunch of idiots and didn't deserve any more help if we elected Nagin back for four more.

Well Nagin won - and that's exactly what's happening.

Am I disapointed now that he's won? Nope.

Julia Reed writes in Newsweek something that many of us have been thinking down here:
"Maybe now that the mayor no longer has to defend his job or his performance during Katrina, he can focus on the enormous problems at hand. Even people who voted against him admit there’s something to be said for a mayor entering his second term. He is freed from the political pressures that require him to be as timid as he and Landrieu were in the campaign. And he can put his controversial independent streak to good use by telling the people of New Orleans what they may not want to hear at long last."
Another great point was made today by Stephanie Grace who writes for the Times-Picayune:
"Before they scoff, people who don't live here might try to walk a mile in those (New Orleanians) voters' shoes. "

Moving on...

Here's a great article criticizing the MSM and explaining exactly how they got their coverage wrong during the first days - specifically as it relates to the horror stories coming out of the Superdome.



Blogger Easton Ellsworth said...

It's good to compare what a lot of different sources are saying ... I need to go check out that article you mentioned.

4:12 PM, August 18, 2006  

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