Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

I suppose that we can say progress is happening in New Orleans with respect to the fact that the news coming from different parts of the city isn't always all bad.

The Good: An enterprising cadre of twentysomethings have been moving into the city in order to be part of the greatest rebuilding of a city since World War II.

The Good x2: The Share our Strength organization has been johnny on the spot in New Orleans and especially St. Bernard parish helping to feed people and revitalize the Southeast Louisiana culinary world. On the one year anniversary of Katrina, you can help support S.O.S. by dining out in some of your favorite restaurants around the country.

The Bad: The public information war is heating up between the Louisiana Attorney General and the two nurses and one doctor who allegedly provided mercy killings to four patients in the darkest days of the aftermath. Hey Foti - why not go after the Army Corps of Engineers' feat of mass murder that was committed on New Orleanians after their oh so heralded levees broke?

The Ugly: Pretty disturbing news that if you have a loved one die in New Orleans these days, the family must dig the grave themselves. With the incredible shortfall of labor still existing, this is just another indignation that we must learn to live with.

I don't know... that last one pretty much neuters any good news from the last month.

Anyway, as we approach the one year anniversary and my 200,000 visitor to this blog, I'm going to be posting some pretty interesting stuff including some of the amazing emails that I received from total strangers from around the world during those first few weeks after the hurricane, as well as some unreleased photographs from that time and a few surprises.

Stay tuned.



Blogger cookie jill said...

Some more "ugly" for you...(and we're not talking Ugly's the food joint!)

12:17 PM, July 25, 2006  

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