Monday, June 12, 2006

Biologists Needed

I've been predicting this for months now, the entire urban ecosystem of New Orleans is way out of whack.

As far as plants, I have some of the oddest wildflowers, weeds and fruit plants sprouting up through the dry silt that now rests throughout my neighborhood. The only plants that I actually recognize are huge sunflowers - but they never grew there before the flood. Especially prelevant are these odd dark berry (inedible) bushes which grow as high as shoulder height and have engulfed my entire yard as well as my neighbors. There are also some pretty flowers growing around that I also have never witnessed. The Kudzu is dead as well as the cats claw.

Bugs... Strangely enough, I have zero of a mosquito problem, whereas before it was outrageous and I have not seen a single cockroach (palmetto bugs in Florida) anywhere on the property. The dragonflies are insane and the lizards are now plentiful and huge. The Formosan termites have not swarmed and I have zero termite sign. The June bugs are also quite light.

There are still no domesticated animals in my neighborhood. Although the birds have returned and I actually saw my first squirrel last week. You would generally see ten squirrels a day before the storm.

Oh yeah, and there's still no one living in my neighborhood... well... actually there are two people on my block including me.

For other updates...

• This weekend I will be racing in the Gulfport to Pensacola Regatta. So get ready for some pictures of the Mississippi Coast from the water.

• I was under consideration to be on an Open Source PRI radio show "Is New Orleans Dead" last week. One of the Producers and I spoke for about two hours, and she decided to hold me for a spot as we approach the one year Anniversary in two months or so. You can find me under "Extra Credit Reading". Funny though, everytime I appear in the press they misspell my name. The Times-Picayune did the same damn thing, lol.

Cheers and wish me luck in the race.



Blogger Tammara said...

I have been reading your posts for months now, from my safe little world in SE Iowa. As a visitor to N.O. on several occasions, I quickly grew to love the place and the people. When the stories first began to be told about the Hurricane and its aftermath, I originally was sucked into the saga through the tales of animal rescue. I saw the footage, and the stories, and was shocked and horrified at the ineptness of ALL of the government agencies involved in the situation, and deeply saddened by the price paid for their shortcomings by residents of the area. I wasn't able to be there to help, given the day-to-day responsibilities for my own businesses, but was able to participate in sending an animal rescue team down to help. Since that time I have kept an eye on the goings-on in your city, hoping that our weeny national government would step up to the plate. Unfortunately, things appear to have been left at a standstill. I just want you to know that many of us out here still think of you on a daily basis, and empathize with your situation. I'm surprised all of this has not driven you to drink. More. Is there anything that we (geographically more than a stone's throw) can do to help??

10:55 PM, June 14, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey troy.. from your secription the majority of the plants you are describing are from bird seed a good two week soak can bring almoist any seed to life.. korin

8:05 PM, June 16, 2006  

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