Monday, September 01, 2008

Twitter Gustav

FYI - I'm mostly doing quick twitter updates (they can be found on the right hand side of the page) and will try and do some more in depth things normally.

As of now, nothing much exciting is going on weather wise. Most of the feeder bands have fizzled before reaching New Orleans other than the first one around 7pm Sunday. The neighborhood is nearly 90% deserted - basically exactly where it was for Katrina, until the onset of the levee failures. A couple of cop cars cruise up and down the street every now and then with their lights flashing.

As I stated in my earlier post, I still think this storm should only slightly effect New Orleans. However, it is astounding to watch the disconnect between the National and the local media. The local guys are all breathing a sigh of relief, yet the MSM is screaming hysterically simultaneously.

This will still be a serious storm down in Houma, Morgan City, Lafayette and cause flooding further to the northwest, but unless another catastrophic event happens - New Orleans should be fine, other than torrential tropical rain.

One final note for the night. I watched a local news video filmed yesterday of the head of the Army Corps of Engineers defending the incredibly slow progress on rebuilding Southeast Louisiana's levees. He stated, and I quote here, "You can't build a levee overnight."

Well, one lowly south Louisiana parish has and with no help from the Corps.

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Anonymous Gray said...

Twitter? From your cellular? So no problems with internet connections and power supply going down this time? Sounds like a good idea.

4:06 AM, September 01, 2008  
Anonymous Gray said...

"You can't build a levee overnight."
My ass! Totally missing the point. You can't built a levee overnight, sure, but you can do it in three years. If you don't know how, simply hire some dutch specialists. And, even more importantly, you can built floodgates at different locations at the same time! It's just a matter of money - if you don't have the manpower, hire an international company that has the resources and the expertise.
I'm totally dumbstruck that the corpse didn't manage to secure that canal that failed the last time! Looks like criminal negligence to me.

4:12 AM, September 01, 2008  
Anonymous Gray said...

Uh, sry, but if you have the time, pls check the link in your story. Doesn't seem to work. Thx.

4:45 AM, September 01, 2008  

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