Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lakeview Block Captain

A few days ago I visited the Lakeview Civic Associations website and noted that one of the few blocks in my neighborhood without a block captain was mine. I signed up and was immediately forwarded two surveys that seek to detail my block.

Pretty interesting stuff... The first asks me to list each address and note the following for the 14 homes on my street:

• House appears to be under repair: 4
• House is gutted: 11
• House is not gutted: 3
• House is for sale: 2
• House has a FEMA trailer: 1
• Residents occupy home: 2
• House has a swimming pool requiring mosquito control: 0

The second survey is much more indepth and asks me to detail issues such as sidewalks, water lines, road issues, street lights, street signs, flooded out cars, fire hydrants, catch basins and dead trees. I'm going to go out and do this one tomorrow.

In another interesting side note, our new yellow pages came out the other day and I immediately remarked to a friend of mine that next year - it's going to be half of the size of the current one.

Now if that's not a tell.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's happenin' Cap'n?!!!?!?


4:24 PM, July 31, 2006  

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